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Ferske profiler 26. september 2023

Let's make beautiful memories together!

Alder 52 fra Madison, Alabama Pålogget 1 uke siden
Kvinne søker Mann

Looking for someone who puts family first, loves long romantic walks, camping, and spending quality, not quantity time with their significant other. Someone that luvs animals is a definite plus!

Open minded and cool like having fun.

Alder 39 fra Baltimore, Maryland Pålogget Nå
Kvinne søker Mann

A beautiful black woman, single very cool down to earth, not looking to just flirt look for kindness with cool vibes, a male friend that we can enjoy each other company, share thoughts, fun like to go out on dates to get the know one another. Let’s...

Make me an offer i can't REFUSE!!!!

Alder 49 fra Fayetteville, North Carolina Pålogget Over 2 uker siden
Kvinne søker Mann

To be determined at later date because no 2 people are alike

I promise not to tell anyone how we met!

Alder 40 fra Atlanta, Georgia Pålogget Over 2 uker siden
Kvinne søker Mann

Loving, fun, intelligent woman who just loves to get the most out of life. I’m a person that enjoys being outside experiencing life just as much as i enjoy quiet nights indoors with my family

Just looking for authenticity.

Alder 39 fra Fayetteville, North Carolina Pålogget Over 2 uker siden
Kvinne søker Mann

I’m a humble, kind, loving individual. I’m seeking new experiences and the joys that come with living life in a partner


Alder 36 fra Lansing, Michigan Pålogget Over 2 uker siden
Kvinne søker Kvinne

I'm a woman who marches to her own beat own drum own everything. I'm quite unique when it comes to my style my hair color and who I am. I don't fit in a box of any size and I like those don't fit either. I'd rather you rock your individuality like...

Where is He

Alder 38 fra Newark, Delaware Pålogget Over 2 uker siden
Kvinne søker Mann

Funny loves flowers and fishing all kinds of music.